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Custom Apple Iphone 6 Cases

Decorate you Iphone 6 however you like! With our online customization tool, let your imagination run free and customize your own case for your Iphone 6 by adding photos, pictures, colours ...

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Customization of product Custom Apple Iphone 6 Cases

Using our customization tool, you can add as many images and texts as you like.

If you encounter a problem Click CTRL + F5 from your browser as our customization tool has recently been updated.

You can also reach us by email at or via our online form.

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Dear customer

I would first like to thank you for the interest you have shown in our case customization site. Customize Your Case strives to offer its customers a fluid and intuitive site, as well as a simple and comprehensive case customization tool. You don't need to be a designer to achieve a stunning Case for the Custom Apple Iphone 6 .If, despite the care taken in the design of our tool, you have trouble, please consider contacting us by email to Our customer service department is very responsive and we listen to our customers . Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, suggestions. In addition, if you are a professional and want to work with us, remember to go to our business space. I hope you make a beautiful Personalized Apple Iphone 6 Case and that you will be very happy with it..

Best wishes

Customer Service Manager
Customize Your Case

A Customizable Case for the Iphone 6

Give new life to your Iphone 6 ! At you can design a unique customized case, personalised according to how you want it, using our online customization tool that allows you to add unlimited images, photos, texts, colours ...The printing of your Iphone 6 customized case is made using advanced technology. Designs are printed using polymerized anti-scratch ink which will give your product a long life.. Once you have customized your case and you are happy with it, submit your order! Our logistics department will then print your product and ship it within 48 working hours. Do you like your Samsung? Get ready to personalise your own case and turn your Apple Iphone 6 into a real fashion accessory!

Product Features:

- Customized rigid protective case for the Apple Iphone 6

- High quality printing using a polymerized anti-scratch ink

- Product protected during shipping

Our Services:

-Nearly 100 mobile models available among our different brands

- Ability to ncustomize casen without limitation

- Orders are shipped within 48 working hours

- Free 7 day exchange of your customized case, against an equivalent product

- Responsive customer service ready to listen to our customers

* For more details, please see our Terms and Conditions or contact our S.A.V.

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