1. Adding images
a) from a PC
b) from a URL

2. Adding Text

3. Adjusting and Modifying layers
a) Position
b) Size
c) Proportion (distortion)
d) Overlay
e) Rotation
f) Opacity
g) Delete a layer

4. Background color

5. Cutting Filter

6. Finalize your purchase
Guide to customizing a case

  How to customize your Case?

After selecting a customizable case, choose the desired quantity and click "customize your product." This will launch the online customization tool.

To help guide you through these instructions we will use as an example the customization of a case for the iPhone 4 .

Our interface has been designed to be as straight forward and easy to use as possible. You are able to add to and modify the customization as many times as you like in three areas:

-a Add images from Your PC, Instagram or directly from a URL
-b Add text using the provided fonts
-c Add a background of a solid color


1. Uploading an image from a PC, a URL or Instagram

A) To add an image from your PC, click "upload a picture" and then click "image from the PC"

A window will appear asking you to find your picture in order to send it to our website. Select your picture and then click "open"

Please wait while the image uploads to our platform.

The window will then disappear. You will see that your image has been uploaded and a layer will have been created.

B) To add an image from a URL, click “URL direct” and enter your URL.

C) To add an image from Instagram, you first need to click on the link which will allow our application to have access to your images.

Next click on the Instagram icon, let it connect and then select the image you want to retrieve.
You can add as many images as you like by re-clicking on the Instagram icon.


2. Adding Text

To add text click “Text”


- the font you want

-the color and text alignment

All that's left to do is type your text and then click “Create” to finish the layer.

You can add as many paragraphs and fonts as you wish, just re-click “Text” to add another paragraph.


3. Adjusting and Modifying layers

Our tool uses the layer overlay technique

Whether the layer is text or image it is based on the same technique: each layer can be changed in six areas: the position; size; proportion; overlay; rotation and opacity.
To edit a layer click on it.

We will now show you in detail the modifications you can make to this layer:


1 Changing the position.

You can move your layer in two ways: Either grab the layer with the mouse by holding down the left click button
Or click on advanced options then choose the "Placement" tab


2 Changing the Size

You can enlarge or shrink the layer by up to 300%
To do this two options are available to you:
- Either move the zoom slider between the +magnifying glass and – magnifying glass.

-or enter the desired dimensions numerically

3 Changing the Proportion

You can resize your layer to fit the phone case.
BE CAREFUL! It is imperative that the zoom slider stays in the green zone. It must be less than, or equal to 100% . If this is the case, click “Advanced options” then click the "move" tab. Click the lock icon to unlock the proportions and you will be able to move the layer as you like.
You can also change the proportions digitally adding the desired values in the boxes.


4 Changing the overlay

The final complete image is made by overlaying the images and/or text layers on top of each other
To move a layer forwards or backwards, simply click the up or down arrows on the Layer window

5 Rotate the layer

To rotate a layer you have two options:
-You can either use the rotation cursor
-or in the advanced menu: click Advanced options and then choose the "move" tab. Here you can adjust the rotation slider as you like.
You can also change the degrees of rotation digitally by adding the desired value in the rotation box below the slider.



6 Changing the opacity of a layer

To change the opacity of a layer click the Advanced options and then click the "move" tab. You can then move the opacity cursor to your liking.
You can also change the opacity by adding the desired value in the box under the "Opacity" cursor.

7 Delete a layer

To remove a layer just click on the trash symbol in the layer window.
Then click "OK" in the window that appears.

4. Adding a background colour

To add a background colour click "Background Colour"


Then select: - the desired Color


5. Displaying the Cut-out Filter

To help you with your customization you can use the cut-out filter. This allows you to view the position of the various elements on your phone that will not be personalized, such as the camera.
To do this click on the "Cut-out Filter"



6 Finalize your purchase

Once you have customized you product all that is left to do is click on "save your customization" to see the final render

Be patient while your design renders as it might take some time.

If you like the final result click “add to cart” and then go to your cart to make the payment and complete your purchase.